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Business locksmith in St Louis

High security locks – recommendations for business owners

It’s not possible to brag about the success of a business without having the right security measures utilized. The use of high security locks has made a mark in the business sector and among individuals seeking to transform their commercial entities into a safe haven.   Though there are many locks tagged as “high security”, […]

Transponder key

Transponder Keys – What Makes Them So Great?

Transponder keys, otherwise called “chip keys”, were designed to help with the operation of a vehicle and make it more immune to automotive theft. They were introduced back in 1995 and operate by transmitting radio signals to a remote receiver in the engine. This technology is also useful in operating devices like keyless entry systems […]

Keys locked in car in St Louis

Locked keys in car – what to do?

If you’ve locked the keys inside the car and you are wondering what on Earth to do next, there’s hope. Don’t panic; many people have been in similar situations. In fact, there might be someone out there, right now, just waiting for help, the same way as you are. Yes, this is not a pleasant […]


How to find a reliable locksmith in St Louis?

Many don’t know how to find a reliable locksmith in St Louis. Locksmithing typically involves some form of training, though formal education can contrast anywhere from an engineering college degree down to a diploma or a certificate. Locksmiths can be mobile or have a physical storefront. Locksmiths use their skills to evaluate the tactics of a […]

Residential locksmith service in St Louis

When Should You Call a Residential Locksmith Company?

The main reasons people call a residential locksmith company are for lock installations, lock replacements or repairs, etc. And yes, these are normal circumstances where a locksmith is really needed. Despite that, there are some who don’t think the service of a professional is actually necessary. Below are reasons to call a specialist, no matter […]