Car Key Replacement

We are your address for a replacement to any car brand and model, including tractors and trucks.

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We offer you an ever growing number of security means for today’s car keys:

  • Pk3/Pk2 Transponder System
  • Transponder “Chip” Keys
  • V.A.T.S System keys

*Prices may differ from one security means to another

Transponder Keys

What is a transponder chip? Why should I have such a key?

A transponder equipped key has a built-in “RFID” chip which reacts back to constant signal emanating from the ignition system, unique signal is needed in order to confirm that the given key is the right one.

Losing this key means you need a new one made and programmed for you. However, if you like we can reprogram your transponder chip so you can go on using your old keys.

V.A.T.S System Keys

The V.A.T.S. system is an older security means embedded in most American made vehicles and work similarly to the TRANSPONDER keys.

A V.A.T.S featured key includes a resistor attenuated to a certain electrical frequency. When the ignition system matches the keys signal, the ignition will turn on.