Lock Rekey

If you already have great locks for your home or business, but need to tighten up on security, lock rekeying is a great alternative.

Compared to changing out your locks, this service is very cheap because there are no overhead prices.

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Our company provides professional keying services for residential and commercial customers in and around St Louis.


Why should you rekey your locks?

  • It will provide the same protection level as a new lock
  • It will save you money, compared to the price of a new lock
  • It takes less time to rekey a locks than to install a new one

Reasons to Rekey your Locks

Rekeying your business after you’ve dismissed an employee or had a key holding employee resigned, is an excellent move. Even if a key was returned, copies may still be out there.

A rekey will give you the assurance that any spare will no longer work. This is especially important if whomever had access to your property left due to unsavory circumstances.

Rekeying is different from changing your locks. This service involves changing your lock to make a new key fit. Only a specialist can do this for you. Yes, a professional locksmith can get the job done in a very short time.

St Louis Locksmith has qualified and skilled technician that can handle this with ease. You may also want to think of getting your locks rekeyed if you recently moved into a new home, have new tenants, or changed cleaning companies.

With all the things going on and the advanced technologies, it’s very easy for a burglar to get hold of your spare key. Keying your locks will give you peace of mind, knowing you’re safe and secure in your home and office.


All you have to do is dial (314) 899-2049 to have one our skilled locksmiths provide you with the professional rekeying service you desire!