Maryland Heights Locksmith

Locksmith service needed?

To acquire the services of a professional and reliable locksmith to cover areas such as residential, automotive and for your business, you don’t’ have to look far.

St Louis Locksmith is the premier locksmith service provider serving Maryland Heights and surrounding communities, 24 hours a day.

Give us a call (314) 899-2049 and take advantage of our free quotes!

Our Services:

  • Fresh locks installation
  • Lock rekeying
  • House lockout
  • Ignition repair
  • Transponder reprogramming


Whether you’re looking to improve your property’s security or need help in extracting a broken off key, we have the skills to get it done. You can depend on for all your locksmith needs.


Why Choose Us?

Our locksmiths are all highly skilled men who are ready to assist and give support. We have built up our reputation in Maryland Heights by consistently providing a fast, reliable and accurate services no other locksmith company take the time to focus on.



You’ll notice that one of the things that stand out with us the most, is our fast response time. From the moment you call us, a technician will be there in 20 minutes.

They use high quality tools and materials to give a lasting finish. The service that they offer is not found anywhere else in this state.

You become one of our most valued customers from the moment the phone is answered. We’ll go through some troubleshooting tips to see if you can solve the problem without having to pay us.

When this doesn’t work, we’ll send a technician over to help you out!



You’ll also find that our prices are very affordable— we have set them so that they fairly represent the services that we provide.

In addition, you’ll receive a 90-day guarantee when you use us.

No matter what situation you find yourself in— as long as it involves your locks and keys, we will be there for you.

Pick up the phone and dial (314) 899-2049. It’s as simple as that!